Culture Shock: Hispanic Population Needs Education on DUI Risks

AMARILLO, Texas, May 24 – A group of leaders across the county is trying to work with Hispanic kids. They say too many Hispanics drink and drive.

When KZIP Disc Jockey Israel Salazar moved to America, he jumped into the unknown. “We can’t do the same things we use to do over there.” One of the things he can’t do anymore is drink and drive, and back home in Mexico, “they let us do it.”

Israel knows there is a reason he was allowed to drink and drive in Mexico – the law. “They don’t care that much, that’s the hard truth.”

Several national leaders are on the road to drive down the numbers of Latinos who drink, and get behind the wheel.

The Century Council, along with recording artists, athletes and actors against drunk driving will start putting public service announcements on TV and radio stations across the nation.

Latino actor Edward James Olmos: “We, the Latinos, have to turn around and understand what a designated driver’s all about and start using it more than other cultures.”

Salazar says seeing his own culture as a role model will really hit home. “He’s Mexican, or he’s Spanish, or whatever, and if he doesn’t do it; I won’t do it.”

Israel says there is no point in risking his chance to live in America for a risky drive in a car.

The Century Council is funded by America’s leading distillers. Its goal is to promote responsible drinking.

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